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Why You Should Listen to The Leadercast Podcast


In this intro episode, you'll hear what you can expect from the new Leadercast Podcast. Get ready to hear plenty of content to help you on your leadership journey.

This is the leader cast podcast, helping you be a leader worth following. Welcome to the very first episode of the leader cast podcast. We're here today with a few members of the leader cast team. We're going to be hosting the show. My name is Jonathan Green, I'm actually one of the producers and today I'll be talking to Haley, Bart and Natalie about what you, the listener, can expect from this podcast. But before we jump into that, everyone, a big welcome to you all to episode zero, and before we jump into everything, maybe you can tell us a little about yourselves. Yeah, Hey, everyone, I'm Haley panagakas and I'm content manager here at leader cast. I'm Bart Keeler, the COPYWRITER, and I'm Natalie Du Pue, the director of content and programming. Perfect. Well, Natalie, you were the last one to speak up, so we're going to start with you. Natalie. Your company, leader cast, is they're actually producing the cost...

...of the podcast. Can you maybe tell us a little about your company? Absolutely so, Lear cast is a leadership development company and we are on a mission to fill the world with leaders worth folloween. So we do that by providing content and resources and learning opportunities to leaders looking to develop their personal leadership. We put on events that are broadcast live two sites around the globe and in fact our leader cast live event is coming up on May fourth and it's live in Atlanta and broadcast to sites, and then our leader cast women event is on October the twelve. And we also have additional resources like leader cast now, which is a video library with interviews from more than a hundred and fifty leaders, and then we also have leader cast certify, which is an online self pace learning program that gives leaders their digital badge in both leadership excellence and innovation. So we're all about seeing our world field of leaders were following...

...who care about their organizations and communities, and it's our goal to provide them with all the tools and resources they need to do that. Last fantastic. I mean, you know it's obviously there's a lot of variety. You've penetrated the market in a lot of different mediums, so it's no surprise that you know having having your own show, having your own podcast, is the next step. But, Hayley, maybe you can tell us exactly why it is that you wanted to start this particular podcast? Yeah, absolutely, so we wanted to start this podcast to provide yet another resource for leaders to learn and engage with us in our leader cast speakers. We have a range of content that we do, whether it be our events or leader casts. Now videos, like Natalie mentioned, but we also have like our blogs and our webinars and emails and newsletters. So, with that said, a podcast seem like the only content we weren't doing yet and it seems like a natural step to provide our current audience of leaders with more content to help them with their leadership journeys, but also hopefully tap and engage more leaders out there who would get...

...value out of what we do here at leader cast. Well, it's amazing and you know, we've started to sort of scratch the service touch on the type of content that you produce through leader cast. But Bart what can listeners expect to hear sort of as they listen from episode to episode? Well, and each episode you will hear one of us, or even another leader cast team member, interview someone in the leadership space on their experiences and lessons and leadership that you know, our fellow leaders out there can learn from. The goal for each episode is to provide actionable takeaways that fellow leaders can implement in their daily lives. Perfect. Well, Hayley, we're going to come back to you for this one, because I know that you're you're going to be focused on, obviously, engagement with with your audience, engagement with your listeners, engagement with the people that are interested. So how can listeners connect with you in case they have ideas, maybe for episode topics or even guess that...

...they think you should feature on the show? Yeah, absolutely, we would love to hear ideas, suggestions, feedbacks from our least listeners. As the leader cast podcast proceeds from here, our audience can reach out to us on any of our social media channels, whether that be facebook or twitter, instagram or linkedin where on all of those and you can find us by searching leader casts on any of them and share your thoughts with us, share your speaker suggestions, but please use the Hashtag, Hashtag the leader cast podcast, so that we will be able to see it. We're excited to hear what everyone thinks about our upcoming episodes and so excited to launch this. That's perfect. Hashtag the leader cast podcast. Well, again, we've been talking to Hayley Bart and Natalie. They have the new host of the leader cast podcast. And that actually wraps it up for the introductory episode. So you will be taking over the reins for episode one and beyond. I am absolutely positive that this is going to add a ton of value to your listeners, and I have one and it really excited to see this show grow. Thank you against... much for being here today. Thank you so much for so excited. Thanks for tuning in to the leader cast podcast. To ensure that you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player.

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